Welcome To The '90s! A site of '90s Nostalgia.

Let us travel back over ten years' past... Best read if you were a child/teen through the '90s.

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My site isn't the only Nostalgia related site by far. Although mine is at this stage, merely a free website with typical templates et al, I like to think that it delves into a lot of those programmes that other sites seem to leave out mentioning often from the fact that they just focus on classic cartoons.

To cut a long story short... here are some links to some decent Nostalgia related sites that should be of interest to you, as well as particular programme focused websites, and so on, that have taken my fancy.

Nostalgia In General

A useful site for listings and info for many 90s films and TV shows!

A spiffing idea to do a Wiki of Children's TV Classics, cartoon and non! Hopefully it will grow with many more shows in time.

Mentions several Nostalgic cartoons with brief information; not just from the 80s (also see links for 70scartoons and 90scartoons), and enables you to download theme tunes which to me is an absolute god-send. Quite a well known site among anyone who wants to look back at Nostalgic 'toons.

80s Nostalgia, as it says. Written in a similarly personalised way.

A great, informative site on many British-made cartoons and puppetry throughout the decades.

This site is dedicated to the 'Little Gems' of children's television programmes from over the decades that have long faded into memory; so much so I don't remember a bulk of them! A worthy site for what it does; check out The Spooks Of Bottle Bay and The Riddlers for geezthatlooksblimmingscarierthanIremember moments.

A site I randomly found that allows you to watch a lot of old adverts and theme tunes to shows through several decades.

The main page of Cosgrove Hall, the animation studio (and still running) responsible for such classics as Count Duckula, Danger Mouse and The BFG.

Programme Specific

Unofficial Family Ness, a nice little site with facts, info and music about the programme.

Interestingly, The Rottentrolls official site still exists. Although probably not updated for some time. There's not loads on this site, but you can download some series clips, and it's certainly worth acknowledging.


I do not have any link buttons or the like for this site as yet, but do feel free to let anyone who may be interested know about this place; the link is easy, just: www.pepper101.webs.com free websites, ahoy! This would be greatly appreciated until I really funk up this website and properly launch it on to search engines. In addition, should you link me anywhere, could you let me know?