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Let us travel back over ten years' past... Best read if you were a child/teen through the '90s.

Don't deny it...


You Know You Are A British 90s Child When...


+ You all wore sportswear especially Adidas and Kappa trackies and thought it was cool. (I bet you regret that one now!)
+ You (girls) wore bright leggings and were proud. (Heh-hey, they're back in!)

+ You had a huge
and possibly uneven  fringe at some point.
+ You owned a Bum Bag.
Thanks, Mr Motivator, you florescent Bum Bag King, you.
+ You wore those stick on ear rings, and not just on your ears.

+ It was fine to wear such things as solar-powered caps; never mind if they made the hat heavier and hotter, and sometimes got tangled in your fringe.
+ Backward baseball caps. You would be a fool to do this, American!

Fads & Collectables

+ You collected The Spice Girls postcards - even the lads.
+ You collected Tazos and Pogs.
+ You collected Puppy In My Pockets (this also goes for Kitty, Pony and Teddy).
+ You collected Trolls, and you owned the one featured in Toy Story!
+ You got a Yo-Yo when they were suddenly 'back in'.
+ You had a Tamogotchi or a Giga-Pet. (Enter disturbed nights of bloody beeping because it needed a poo swept away. In the end you just let it die and be done with it.)
+ You had a Flip Bracelet.
+ Suddenly Furby's were the new Tamogotchi... In fact they were pretty s***.
+ You owned some My Little Pony's.
+ You tried 'Push Pops' sweets after seeing the very 90s advert.
+ You owned some Sylvannian Families.
+ You owned some Boglins.
+ You collected countless 'board' games, such as: Guess Who (with about three females for an ultra quick game), Buckaroo, Mouse Trap, Busy Busy Bumblebee's and Hungry Hippo's, etc.
+ You got into the whole Beanie Baby fad, collected millions, then wondered why you'd spent all that money on the blimming things a few years after.



+ You wanted to be on Fun House.
+ You remember when The Power Rangers was actually good, before they really crapped it up.
+ You remember watching the ORIGINAL Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles.
+ You remember when it was actually worth getting up on a Saturday and Sunday morning to watch such offerings as Live & Kicking and Disney Club.
+ You remember that puppets on Children's TV and even Saturday morning TV were the norm.


+ You remember when 'Starbursts' sweets were called 'Opal Fruits'. (In 2008. Opal Fruits were shortly brought back as a flavour variant.)

+ You knew the Macarena dance by heart.
+ Everybody sang to 90s megasong 'Saturday Night' and 'Three Lions' (i.e. 'Football's Coming Home').

Junior School discos were your first real chance to experience future teen late night life... or you just went there to top up on the sweet tuck.

+ You remember the time at school before 'Literacy Hour' came along.

+ You remember the cereal 'Lucky Charms' with the Leprechaun before they banned it.
+ You took those big plastic lunchboxes with the images on to school.

+ You liked the sweets, Nerds and Dweebs.

+ Cereals came with free gifts, and were not plastered with healthy living drivel. (Seriously, it should be the parent's responsibility to get their children being healthy, not for a cereal box, which aren't the most healthy option anyway. Have 'em because they're naughty, or just don't have them at all...)

+ You are sure that Coco Pops tasted
and smelt way nicer in the early 90s. They didn't seem quite so... chocolatey?
+ You tut at 00s kids. What do they know about decent and cheesy music? They don't know when it was good, full stop.
+ You witnessed the bizarreness of PJ & Duncan (aka Ant & Dec) branching into music for a small while; 'U Krazy Katz' being a notable song.

+ You still owned cassette tapes, and a tape player.
+ You owned one of the humble early game consoles that never asked for much. Good old SNES!

Remember or grow up with these?


+ 1990 (Britain) began the new 'Disney Renaissance', starting with The Little Mermaid; ending with Tarzan in 1999. After the sorrowful 80s for animated films, animation for blockbuster heights started being taken seriously again. Big hits included Beauty and the Beast in 1992, Aladdin in 1992 and 1994's The Lion King.
+ 1990 spawned the great comedy classic Home Alone with Malculay Culkin. Who wasn't affected by the child actors curse at all, no no.
+ 1993 roared its way into the British cinema with Jurassic Park, using such dino-matic effects never seen before in Filmworld.
+ 1994 produced the most successful traditionally animated film ever, The Lion King, but one film beat it to the top in the blockbuster totale in the same year, Forrest Gump. "Run, Forrest, run!"
+ 1995 brought us Toy Story, the first taster of many more computer animated films to come... Unfortunately, along with that, spelling a major focus on money making, big names and loss of 2D all before story.
+ 1996 and 1997 had us looking towards the sky in wonder, and many Americans fearfully watching the Whitehouse, when alien action films Independence Day and Men In Black burst onto the big screen. The former, was another impressive use of CGI. Oh, and both featured the irrepressible Will Smith.

Children's Picture Books

+ Burglar Bill ("I'll have that!") - Allan Ahlberg
+ Disney books [with the right-hand side sound buttons (!)]
+ Funnybones - Janet Ahlberg & Allan Ahlberg
+ Hairy Maclary/Slinky Malinki - Lynley Dodd
+ Mog series - Judith Kerr
+ Tales From Percy's Park - Nick Butterworth
+ The Enormous Crocodile - Roald Dahl
+ The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle
+ Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Children's Games
(Got to love the cardboard box casings with the excited-looking 70s kids on!)

Buckaroo - 'Buck- buck- Buckaroo, for a Buckaroo-ing good time!' The donkey has been reinvented several times since our edition where he was literally a two-dimensional shape of a donkey without the face features. The idea, however, has always been the same: put as many items on the donkey's back (pick-axe, rope, etc.) as you can before he gets pissed off and kicks out with his back legs, sending the items sprawling.

Busy Busy Bumblebees - A fun concept of a magnetic bee dangling from a headband around your head where you must try and pick up and collect as many of the little coloured balls as you can.

Crocodile Dentist - You remember those many Christmases and birthdays where you repeatedly put something on your list and never get it? Crocodile Dentist was of this sad predicament for me. It is inevitable that that crocodile's mouth is going to come clamping down, but which tooth will it be?! Always would make me jump. Scary but fun idea. Why was this never bought for me, exactly?!

Domino Rally - 'Argh! The dominoes have blimming collapsed before I was ready'. Lovely good fun to set up...

Frustration - Indeed, at least at the time, a rather frustrating game. Press down on the transparent casing surrounding the dice to make it roll; kind of hurt at the time, actually! You have a five? - bare with me, I haven't played this in years - little coloured tube-shaped counters that you need to guide around the board to get all of them back together in little slots. Not as easy as it sounds when you roll a certain number, sending you back to the beginning...

Guess Who - Fun game, but just silly if you got a female character - there were about three?

Hungry Hippos - Another of those games that kind of hurts, actually. All that frantic hitting of the levers to get the hippo's mouth to open and gobble down those white ball beauties. NB: This would, in most cases, result in knocking the balls away as the mouth slams back down, rather than consuming them. The hippos then, it would seem, pooed out the balls in order to see how many you have got. You can't argue with this game really.

Mouse Trap - A good idea in theory, but this blasted game wasn't the easiest to set up. I guess the general idea for this was taken from those Tom & Jerry cartoons where Tom would create a trap consisting of a lot of objects, gradually triggered off by other objects ('Designs For Jerry' episode, for example). Anyway, whilst setting up the 3D components, it proved very hard to balance the damn cage on the pole because of the small point in which to balance it on. So the cage would just keep falling downward - faff. When set off, the trap wouldn't always work properly anyway because the big green ball wasn't enough/veered off somewhere else to make the athlete jump in the bowl, etc. Half the equipment ended up lost, too!

Operation - Beeeep! Poor guy must be pretty messed up by now. Body parts going willy-nilly around his insides. Wasn't the guy's eyes open in the picture too? Errr...!

Twister - Hats off to whoever invented this game! Seemingly a fun choice whatever age you are - providing you don't break anything if you move! Causer of unlikely and uncomfortable positionings and bum-in-face un-pleasantries, clearly this is a drunk person's game of choice. (Confirmation on this... yep, I'm right.) Right foot red...

Wriggly Worms - 'You just can't catch them...' Not one of my favourites. Admittedly I spent a lot of time with that game practically ripping the worms out of the apple whether they were wriggling out of it or not! Colour code cards were also eventually ignored.

If you were born after 1991, you can't be expected to have got the full 90s experience. That's just how it is.

If you can think of any more... Please let me know!

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